Cannes Film Festival Celebrity Dinner

Significant collaboration between Limitless and the creative direction of Vas Morgan.

Rebel Wilson at the Limitless x Powna Sake Cannes Dinner while her fiancé, Ramona Agruma,

The collaboration between Limitless, Vas Morgan’s discerning curation, and the star-studded guestlist showcased the convergence of luxury, exclusivity, and sophistication that defines Powna.

The ultimate aspiration was to intertwine the brand with the glamorous world of celebrities, ensuring its prominence and desirability continue to ascend within the realm of elite beverages.

This event marked a significant collaboration between Limitless and the creative direction of Vas Morgan, who meticulously curated the guestlist. The attendees encompassed a wide spectrum of celebrities, ranging from close members of the Kardashian inner circle such as Anastasia Karanikolaou, also known as Stassi, and Victoria Villarroel, to top-tier A-list personalities like Rebel Wilson and Kate Beckinsale.

Notably, the guest roster also included rising stars appealing to a younger demographic, such as Louis Partridge, renowned for his role in the Enola Holmes movies, and the talented Adam Lambert.

Adam Lambert & Vas Morgan

The primary objective of this exclusive gathering transcended the boundaries of mere social interaction. It strategically aimed to reinforce and amplify the brand identity of Powna, positioning it as a premier luxury beverage that graces only select, high-profile occasions. One of the key tactics employed to achieve this was capturing invaluable photographs of esteemed celebrities engaging with the product, a move that solidified Powna’s legitimacy and allure within the market.

Furthermore, this event wasn’t just an isolated incident; it was a stepping stone towards an even grander endeavor. By securing a coveted spot in an esteemed A-list Hollywood Halloween party slated for this upcoming October, Powna aimed to cement its status as a must-have presence at elite and highly anticipated gatherings. This strategic move was in line with insights from an LVMH contact, who emphasized the pivotal importance of establishing a robust celebrity presence before formally presenting the product to potential stakeholders.